Amazon FBA (Private Label)

Amazon FBA (Private Label, A-Z Services)

At Amazon Adepts, we offer a comprehensive range of services to help you build your online assets on and maximize your sales turnover and ROI with FBA Private Label launches. Here are some of the key services we provide:

Product Research:

Let us find a product for you that have the potential for making thousands of dollars per month & turning into a Gold Asset.

Product Research is essential to having a successful Amazon business. If you don’t get this right, then pretty much everything else will not work. The marketplace is maturing and it’s more competitive, but they’re hidden opportunities that need to be explored.

What we will do for you:

  • Brainstorming product ideas
  • Finding the prospective products using research tools like Helium10, Viral Launch, Jungle Scout, Merchantword, Egrow, etc
  • Comprehensive competitor analysis, so you can get an idea of the market
  • Giving accurate estimates for the price, net profits, and FBA fees
  • Searching products on Alibaba or any other sourcing websites

 Our Product Research Service Includes,

  • Top-notch tools for accurate estimates:
  • Use popular and accurate tools like Jungle Scout, Helium 10, Viral launch, Keepa, Merchantword, and AMZScout to fetch the most authentic and precise data so that you can reduce the risk of investing in low-selling products and can target for better ROI.
  • Data-Driven Decisions:

When it comes to research everything is compressed down to statistics. Analyze the sales volume, prices, BSR, competition, buy box percentage, and reviews through neatly organized and easy-to-comprehend research files made manually by our research experts.

Criteria-Specific Research:

Give your product-specific criteria and leave the rest to us. We will analyze and track down the right product for you which is in accordance with your given criteria.

 Keep track of sales history:

Making a decision on the basis of “just” the present data can be misleading. Analyzing historical data can help you take an intake into the seasonal customer behavior and track the inflation or deflation in sales trends and numbers. Listing Optimization: We optimize your product listings to ensure they are fully optimized for Amazon’s search algorithm and attract maximum visibility.

Listing Optimization

Writing great content that is appealing to the customer is only half the task. The other half is appealing to Amazon’s algorithm.

Amazon’s search engine algorithm is a complex mechanism, that if you get it right, makes the Amazon search box displays your products over others.

We have spent years fine-tuning the way we collate product search terms and embed them in your product listing along with specific keywords.

Note: Many sellers overlook ‘Subject Matter’ fields at the backend. Similar to the Search Terms, there’s a total of 5 fields of 50 characters each, for a total of 250 characters. Again, this is a great place to sneak in those last relevant bits of keywords to help improve your Amazon product ranking.

Advertisement and Promotions:

Various types of ads can be displayed in search results and on product pages of Amazon by using Amazon Marketing Services (AMS). These adverts link to product pages or other landing pages within Amazon (On-Amazon marketing).
AMS charges are click-based (PPC — pay-per-click or CPC — cost-per-click).
After running hundreds of Amazon PPC campaigns, our experts know exactly how to setup your PPC campaigns for success.

Discount Deals in Amazon Marketing

Several discount promotions are available, sellers conduct online marketing with Amazon. Some of the promotions are free; others are liable to a charge.

Free of Charge:

Sale Price
A time-limited, reduced-price offer is one of the most manageable actions. On the product page, the customer sees the regular price as a strikethrough price, followed by the sale price and the savings (“you save X%”).
Amazon merchants can use a variety of marketing & promotion tools to inform customers about sales or special discounts:

  • Percentage-off: The item price will be reduced by an amount or percentage of your choice. Discounts may be granted on a single product, on a specific number of products, or on a particular combination of articles. The promotion is either made visible directly on the product page (for example, for cross-selling) or with the help of generated coupons, which you can distribute over different channels.
  • Free Shipping: With this promotion, the shipping is free for your customers. You take over the costs instead.
  • Buy one, get one free: The buyer receives a free product for every purchased product.
  • Giveaway: To create competitions. You can set individual prizes and conditions for each sweepstake promotion.
  • Social Media Promo Codes: Promotions with a percentage-off discount. These promotions receive their own Amazon marketing page, which you can share through social media or other channels.
Subject to a Fee:

Amazon Lightning Deals, Prime Day, etc.
The “Amazon Lightning Deals” is a special form of discount. Here, a predetermined quota of an item is featured for a short time (4 to 12 hours) at greatly reduced prices. Consider their support for the classic Amazon marketing promotions.
An advantage of the Lightning Deals: The offers are listed on the central Amazon Deals page. This separate page is often accessed directly by customers (especially for promotions such as Prime Day), which is why, for a short time, products in the Lightning Deals are extremely visible. In addition, a special label highlights the products with Lightning Deals in the search result.
“Coupon” promotions have long been reserved for vendors. Recently, sellers can also use them. A coupon will be displayed on Amazon in search results, on product pages, on the Amazon central landing page, in the shopping cart, and on Amazon’s dedicated marketing pages. With a coupon, you can grant customers a discount of your choice on one or more products.
These are the main differences from other discounts:

  • Visible on the main Amazon page as well as on Amazon’s special marketing pages
  • Increased visibility with a special coupons label in the search result and on the product page


We Help Amazon Sellers Rise to the Top

Listing among the top 10 sellers is our goal.
Studies show that products on the first page get at least 80% of all the clicks, while the first 7 listings on page-1 get at least 60% of those clicks.
Moreover, only 30% of shoppers go beyond page-1 of the search results. With Amazon accounting for nearly 43% of all US online retail revenue topping at $177.87 billion in 2017, you certainly don’t want to miss out on any of those sales by not having your product on the first page.
The A10 product algorithm’s main goal is to serve the most relevant products for each customer search query. They accomplish this goal by indexing and analyzing each product listing with great detail. Then, they discover what the product is all about and analyze previous sales and other performance metrics. All this is to deliver the most relevant results to the customer. The craziest part? This all happens in nanoseconds!

What factors affect Amazon’s product ranking?
Amazon has a two-pronged approach when it comes to ranking:

  1. Performance & Conversion Ranking Factors
  2. Relevancy Factors Ranking means the lower a product’s BSR in a given category, the higher its sales have recently been

How do I get my product to page one?
There are 02 Ranking Strategies
1- Aggressive Ranking
2- PPC Strategy

Aggressive Ranking:
This is the most demanding and successful strategy nowadays. Any product can be ranked within 12-18 days on Page-1 among the top 05/10 sellers using this strategy.
Before starting this ranking process, we perform data mining and keyword relevancy research & analysis to choose the best and proven keywords (main/secondary/related/relevant/supportive keywords) from the Best Sellers and the sellers having Amazon Choice badges and start working to meet velocity of top sellers and show Alexa, A10 algorithm that we have a demanding product and we arrange to bring external traffic to the listing and also work on Amazon Reward system, to do that, we use chatbots for customer engagement.
We can laser target interested audiences using social media ads, and by using conversational marketing and adding value through chat-bots and SFB (Search/Find/Buy) auto & manual methods, we entice them to leave a review as well. The benefit of this method is that you always have the audience in your Facebook Inbox and you can easily approach and request a review.
This method positively impacts CTR and STR management while the IPI score will be improved further.
Note: Only meeting the velocity is not a solution to ranking, we adopt all other legit methods for aggressive ranking by following Amazon-defined rules & regulations, terms, and conditions.
Understanding of A10 algorithm working style, time intervals, delay patterns, cart preferences, and competitor-edge techniques are our main competencies and after years of experience, we know how the algorithm works J

PPC (Pay-per-Click) Strategy:
Amazon PPC advertisement is only a good strategy once you are already ranked on Page 01 and running PPC will double your listing visibility but depending only on PPC to start the ranking process needs time and patience.
it’s a long journey to reach among the top 05 or top 10 sellers. PPC is “Paying and Waiting” inside the Amazon system and it can take 4-6 months to get the required results while ACoS maintenance is always a challenge in the beginning. There are further 10+ effective methods to deal with PPC and keep the ACoS under breakeven percentage.

Increase 5-Star Ratings:

We help Amazon sellers to get 5-star ratings and reviews to increase sales conversion

How important are 5-star ratings and reviews?

  • People read 15 five-star reviews they feel they can trust you
  • Products with 150+ reviews are 270% more likely to be purchased than those with less than 50
  • Reviews control about 25% of local search results
  • 82% read online reviews for the product
  • 91% say positive reviews make them more likely to buy from or work with a business
  • One 5-star rating will earn you 25% more clicks than a 3-star rating
  • 80% of all B2B & B2C sales involve word of mouth recommendations during the sales process

External Traffic to Amazon:

Why would you want to drive traffic to Amazon in the first place?

Access to More Potential Customers
By utilizing channels outside of Amazon to drive traffic to your Amazon product listings, you are expanding your pool of potential customers.

Advantage over Competitors
Selling on Amazon is becoming more and more competitive. By driving external traffic to Amazon, you gain an advantage of competitors. You don’t have to compete with other products on the Amazon Search Engine Results Page; you send traffic straight to your listing.

Amazon May Reward You
Many sellers also believe that Amazon rewards sellers for driving external traffic to, by sending sellers even more traffic. When sellers direct outside traffic to Amazon, they help Amazon gain more customers and make more money.

Sources of Traffic
There is no absolute best source of traffic for driving views to Amazon.
It depends on what assets you currently have, what products you’re selling, who your target market is, and what your business goals are.
For example, Facebook Ads can be very effective for some niches, particularly lifestyle products such as beauty or outdoors lifestyle products.

is a great source on its own. But it caters to certain products, because of its layout and user base. Additionally, it is very visual and primarily used by women. If your products are beautifully designed and mainly catered to women, Pinterest is likely a solid option for external traffic.
There are numerous options for how to drive external traffic. Here are a few:

Email–Sending emails to potential buyers may generate good results

Organic Social Media Posting from business pages, posting in relevant groups

Paid Social Media Ads Ads on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Reddit, etc.

Search Network Ads Google AdWords, Bing, Yahoo

Affiliate/Influencer Marketing Partnering with others who have an existing audience to promote your products

EBC /A+ Content:

We Amazon EBC Experts create content consisting of enticing graphics which capture customers’ attention and engaging content that compels the visitor to make a purchase. Our team of Amazon EBC consultants, graphic designers, and content writers will engage in a deep understanding of your product and its exquisite features to build EBC seasoned just for your product.

Chat-Bots Creation:

We create chatbots for Amazon clientele and connect the Bots with Facebook messenger to engage customers using FB Business ads by setting up full-scale strategies.

The Bot will put you leaps ahead of your competition by launching your products on Amazon and utilizing the review follow-up sequences to increase your review count as well
Rich Messages- The Bots can send buttons, images, animations, sequences, files, etc.
Personalized Messages – e.g. the message includes the name of the user and the emojis
Message Broadcasting- Newsletter subscription, updates, promotions, and much more
Rebate Method – Ranking Strategy
Unique Coupon Delivery – Sales Velocity
The Benefits are,

  • Increase Reviews for your product listings
  • Rank for keywords with high search volume to drive more sales
  • Control your own launch by delivering coupon codes to specific audiences
  • Build an email list that you can send broadcast messages to for free – Launch other products to the same list for free of FB advertising cost.
  • Buyers feel good to be dealt with new technologies

SFB (Search/Find/Buy) Techniques:

This technique is used to show a genuine purchase to Amazon Alexa, A10 algorithm.
Search, find, buy works very much like a 2-step URL. Like the 2-step, SFB is designed not to simulate an organic click-through but actually provide one. It works by pushing customers to find your product with a specific keyword and physically click through themselves.
How it works is really no different from what the name suggests. The customer searches, they find… and hopefully, they buy.
To use search, find, buy, instead of giving a potential customer the link to your product listing, you’ll give them instructions on how to find your product organically.
You may send them a link to the search page with your search term already populated, or ask them to search for the term themselves.
Then, you give the customer what they need to find it. Like a treasure map. Give them the product name, the photo by which they can identify it, and the page they can find it.

Amazon Rewards:

If you are bringing traffic from your own highly optimized website using the Google E-A-T algorithm and redirecting each incoming visitor to your Amazon product landing page, Amazon will reward you tremendously. If your brand name is ‘Sarbax’ and you’re redirecting all your traffic from your domain or or, Amazon will reward you tremendously by decreasing your BSR overnight will boost-up the sales off course, external traffic weight is 18% and Amazon love to get business outside of its marketplace and buyers/business coming from your website is an extra milestone indeed.

CTR and STR Management:

We work on CTR and STR management for better performance and for more sales conversion.
Anything around 0.5% and above can be considered a good CTR (click-through rate).
CTR rates below 0.3% are very bad and require a lot of attention. However, a well refined and targeted campaign on Amazon can achieve 2-3% CTR or above
Low CTR can possibly be due to two major reasons
1. The Ad position
2. Irrelevant Ads
Too much inventory creates cash flow problems, while too little means stocking out and losing potential sales. A key part of inventory management is identifying product STR (sell-through rate), otherwise known as sales velocity.
This calculation refers to the number of units sold over a specified time period. For example, if a product sells 10 units in 10 days, the daily sell-through rate would be equal to one, while the weekly sell-through rate would be equal to seven (1 unit per day x 7 days a week).

IPI & LTSF Management:

We manage your Inventory Performance Index (IPI) and Long-Term Storage Fees (LTSF) to help you reduce costs and increase profitability.

We keep more focus and attention on Inventory Performance Index (IPI), It’s a single metric to gauge your overall performance over time. Amazon uses the IPI to measure the performance of sellers’ FBA businesses.
Your IPI score is based on how well you drive sales by stocking popular products and efficiently managing on-hand inventory. An IPI score above 550 indicates that your business is excelling. If your IPI score is below 400, we take it as alarming for listings and it affects sales turnover/winning buy box and BSR sustainability. A decrease in IPI score causes the extra increased storage charges by Amazon named Long-term-storage fees (LTSF).
On the 15th of each month, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) conducts an inventory cleanup. On these dates, inventory that has been in US fulfillment centers for more than 365 days incurs a long-term storage fee (LTSF) of $6.90 per cubic foot or a $0.15 per-unit long-term storage fee, whichever is greater.
Categories that influence your IPI
Currently, there are four categories of recommendations to help improve your IPI:

  • Reducing excess inventory to increase profitability
  • Increasing sell-through-rate (STR)
  • Ensuring inventory is buyable by fixing listings that are stranded
  • The IPI dashboard displays a performance bar for each of the four categories

Categories that influence your IPI

Currently, there are four categories of recommendations to help improve your IPI:

  • Reducing excess inventory to increase profitability
  • Increasing sell-through-rate (STR)
  • Ensuring inventory is buyable by fixing listings that are stranded
  • The IPI dashboard displays a performance bar for each of the four categories
  • Excellent (dark green)
  • Good (light green)
  • Fair (yellow)
  • Poor (red)

With our comprehensive range of services, you can trust that Amazon Adepts will provide you with the customized solutions you need to succeed on Amazon. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you build your online assets and achieve the success you deserve with Amazon FBA (Private Label).

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